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Bad Bones began late 1989 with one successful performance product and a dream... Steve & Pati Dobernic, the founders of Bad Bones, a man of vision and 25 years of high tech 2 & 4 stroke motor experience, and  a woman of strength and determination with a business, sales & management background, saw a void in Personal Watercraft Vehicles and the existing after market performance industry was not filling it!

Within the first year Bad Bones went from one product to a full line of original and highly successful performance products that literally advanced and educated the entire PWC industry several years ahead of its time. Numerous articles and comparison tests completed by various industry magazines helped confirm that Bad Bones was a force to be reckoned with! Steve's inventions became the standard of the industry and ten years later are still being imitated by nearly every PWC after market company in the world!

Steve's passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and his ability to improve and create products consumers are hungry for , sparked Bad Bone's expansion into a new market. In 1990, Bad Bones began the "After market Motorcycle Product Division", once again setting standards and taking the industry by storm! Bolt on "cosmetic" covers bearing the popular Bad Bones Skull and Crossbones Logo, and a line of original performance products very soon gained Bad Bones the respect of the entire industry.

Numerous articles and product tests began to appear in magazines throughout the world attesting to Bad Bone's innovative products. If the old saying "Imitation is Flattery" is true, then Steve's innovative ideas have been truly flattered! Similar products have popped up all through the industry and once again Steve's ideas have become standard for the industry.

Steve, never one to allow himself to become bored, did not stop at designing products to improve existing motorcycles. He began duplicating the custom Harley's he had built for himself. These "bikes" consisted of all the Bad Bones product line, outrageous custom paint, motor modifications, front end and frame modifications and so on. Customers from all over the country began delivering their Harley's to Bad Bones for the full bad Bones Custom face and body lift! Steve found that in his efforts to improve existing motorcycles he was literally rebuilding each bike from the ground up. That prompted him to develop "Bad Bones Custom Choppers™" and in 1997 Bad Bones had become a motorcycle manufacturing company, producing the 1960's style choppers with 21st century technology!

All through the PWC and Motorcycle experience Bad Bones offered a handful of T-shirts to promote our "hard parts" divisions. As the popularity of Bad Bones grew so did the demand for more designs and more garments! By 1992 Bad Bones had numerous T-shirt designs available as well as caps, bandanas, sweats, etc.....Pati's background was well suited to this venture and she took charge of a blossoming new entity of Bad Bones.

Each year the number of items grew and grew, adding hot, new women's apparel in 1994. By 1996 apparel sales had become a huge part of Bad Bones business and Bad Bones officially began its Apparel Division. In 1997 long time friend Vince Neil, singer of Motley Crue, joined Bad Bones' Apparel Division as partner and Vice President of Marketing and Promotion.

Vince's natural talent for business and his experience in the swimsuit manufacturing industry has proven to be invaluable. In 1998 Bad Bones launched "Illegal Swimwear™" and "Bad Girl™". Two new lines geared to women who "have it and wan t to flaunt it!"

Bad Bones...Clothes for your Bones is no longer just biker apparel. Bad Bones clothing has crossed over into many markets. Bad Bones Apparel is seen on WWF wrestling, on sale at Motley Crue concerts throughout the U.S. and Canada, and is available through our website.

Bad Bones is growing in leaps and bounds. Each day is more exciting than the day before! Pati has some cool projects in the making. Bad Bones' future is full of excitement, and accomplishment. Stay tuned...

Message to our customers...
We, at Bad Bones would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support. The largest portion of our sales is still from the referrals of satisfied customers. Thank you for... Believing in the Bones.

The Bad Bones Consciousness

Here within lies a special commitment to you, our customer. Bad Bones has, and always will be dedicated to building the best products this industry has ever seen. Unlike our competition, we will bring you products of original design, native only to Bad Bones. You see, we have too much pride to ever steal or pirate another company's design. This is the same pride that burns in us every day to over achieve, rather than take the easy way out and steal like so many other competitors do. This pride with which we work and speak of, is the same pride with which this country was built on. Too many people take the easy way out and consequently you , Bad Bones, and all of America suffer because of it. Have pride in yourself and what you do. Do not endorse these pride less fools.

Thank you,

Bad Bones

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